Members Car: Gavin

Gavins car is a home build chassis based on the Ron Champion Book Chassis adapted to run a sierra with de-dion rear end, Sierra ¬†diff, drive shafts & front uprights, Escort mk2 2.4 quick rack, gaz adjustable coilovers, standard 2.0 pinto running Cbr900 bike carbs, ally sump and type 9 gearbox with ally bellhousing..The bodywork was supplied by GTS tuning but has been modified to fit the chassis. It hit the road around 2010 & we did an article in the club magazine about Gav’s experience at IVA.

Gav was one of the founder members of the club & chairman until 2015 when he stood down due to work, home & racing commitments, he remains a member of the club & we are all grateful for the contribution he made to getting the club off the ground, without his efforts there would probably be no Essex Kitcar Club!