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Breakfast Meet Feb 2016

This was clearly one of the best attended breakfast meets we have had. Although I’d like to credit it to the new website, I think we just had the right balance of weather and perfect timing. Either way it was great to see 10 Kits turn up and almost 20 people to enjoy D’s breakfasts.

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Members Cars: Tim

This is Tim from North Essex with his car, an Audi powered Edge Devil. He has built two of these, one for someone else, and this one he kept for himself. This version is a sub 4 second 0-60 car, but as usual Tim has a list of things to add/change/replace/improve/remove.  Tim’s car has Dutch

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Members Car: Gavin

Gavins car is a home build chassis based on the Ron Champion Book Chassis adapted to run a sierra with de-dion rear end, Sierra  diff, drive shafts & front uprights, Escort mk2 2.4 quick rack, gaz adjustable coilovers, standard 2.0 pinto running Cbr900 bike carbs, ally sump and type 9 gearbox with ally bellhousing..The bodywork

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