Members Cars: Peter

The AGM WLR was a stunning car to look at when it started out, by the time Peter had finished it, it was even more so; with wider track & wheels needing extensions over the arches, & a home designed tonneau cover the car is very definitely one of a kind – just as kitcars should be. Work on the car started back in 2009 & it took around 2 & 1/2 years & £14k to build. It  has a Saab turbo engine, which was a first for AGM & with 3 different ECU maps available Bhp of anywhere between 185 & 330 can be selected! One of Pete’s aims was to drive the car to Le Mans & back which he achieved in 2013. Although he is still making tweaks to this car he has already embarked upon his next project which is a rebuild of a Carlton Carrera from the mid ’90’s, if you’d like to know more about either car there is a wealth of information on Pete’s own website