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Please have a look at the variety in our members cars. Remember you don;t have to have a kit car to be a member, you just need to have a passion for the automotive scene.


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Phew, where did 2018 go?

I can’t believe it’s been over a year since I updated this page my apologies for being so remiss, please feel free to remind me if it starts looking jaded in the future

So last year we had new flags & new fliers printed, still plenty of the latter to hand out to anyone with a kitcar or that you feel might be interested in the club for whatever reason – remember, more members means more variety, more interaction, more people to help organise & join in whatever we’re doing, it’s your club & every little helps

We’ve tried to change things a little this year, as well as the ordinary shows we had a few members, myself included, attend an activity day at N.Weald airfield which was a good day out, albeit a very rough track surface. More recently Ben, with his Dax Cobra & myself with the Furore supported a Sporting Bears Dreamride event at BHP Chelmsford, the event rather spoiled by poor weather, but one worth marking on the calendar for next year. For any of you with sporty or unusual vehicles Sporting Bears is a great way to enjoy your car, raise money for children’s charities & generally spread the word about kitcars. I hope to get a karting event organised later this year, perhaps outdoors at Lakeside for a change – any volunteers to help organise please?

We’d still like more pictures & write ups for your cars, the Members Cars page is looking a little sparse!

Your  committee are all listed below, but if you ever need to contact any of us & are unsure who it is you need, then an email to will get you through to the whole committee &  I’m sure someone will be able to help with your query or request

Chairman                      Russ Bost
Treasurer                      Ben Sladden
Membership                 Dave Lister
Events                            Roy Sibley
Events                             Malcolm Fowler
Technical/Events         Paul Kemp